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Merchant Services

We offer a solution to fit your business needs.

  Flexibility & Mobility* Online Access Bundled Pricing Standard
Electronic Terminal – the familiar swipe machine x     x
TransFreedom – perfect solution for small businesses x   x x
Online Gateway – take or make payments online x x    
ProcessNow – your on the go, “plug and play” option x x    
DialPay – no machine necessary x     x

*May require additional equipment purchase

Our merchant services provide your business the flexibility and convenience of accepting credit and debit cards.  We have several options from which to choose and each is designed with your particular needs in mind.
Electronic Terminal –This is the traditional method where you simply swipe a card through your machine for easy processing.
TransFreedom – This option provides bundled, all in one pricing that’s perfect for smaller volume or seasonal merchants.  Flat rate pricing is based on sales volume and average ticket.  Opt for either a terminal or ProcessNow card reader.
Online Gateway – Just as the title says, this option allows you to log in from any pc and create a debit transaction using your customer’s card.  No machine necessary.
ProcessNow – This is the option if you’re looking for service on the go.  Simply plug the ProcessNow card reader into a smartphoneƗ or tabletƗ and you can accept payments wherever you are.
DialPay – Don’t want the cost of a terminal? This option provides for authorizations to be obtained over the phone instead of machine.
ƗDevice subject to minimum system requirements.  Android OS must be 4.0 or higher; Apple iOS must be 7.0 or higher.

Call 859.384.5420 for pricing and details.

ACH Origination

ACH origination allows businesses to create electronic payments and/or deposits. This service allows you to receive direct deposits or make direct payments such as payroll and accounts payable. Contact us for pricing and additional information about this service. Subject to approval.

Remote Deposit Capture

Don’t always have the time or staff for daily trips to the bank? We have the solution - Merchant Capture.

Merchant Capture, sometimes called Remote Deposit Capture, is a convenient way to make check deposits. This browser-based application ensures ease of use for daily deposit preparation and accessibility of archive files for research needs.

  • Save time preparing your deposit
  • Save a trip to the bank
  • Plus, it's secure

Use our browser-based application to log on securely from your office computer.

Streamline your day-to-day operations and run your business on your terms.

Contact us for pricing and additional information about this service. Subject to approval.