Personal Lending

Meet Our Consumer Lenders

Connie Adams
NMLS #421740

Brian Breitenstein
NMLS #421720
Highland Heights

Julie Kearns
NMLS #1011814

Bernie Pfeffer
NMLS #421738

Ann Rittinger
NMLS #421724
Ft. Thomas

Elizabeth "Liz" Rolfes
NMLS #460474
Crestview Hills

Liz Werrmann
NMLS #421744

Each customer is unique and every loan need is different. That’s why we offer loans tailored to your needs.

Consumer Loan Offerings

  • Car Loans
  • Vacation Loan
  • Home Equity Loan
  • Loans for just about any purpose - minimum loan amount in $5,000

Simply print out the form, fill in the information and bring it with you when you come to speak to a loan officer.

Consumer Loan Application

Loan Application for retail purposes only, not intended for mortgage loans.

Account Plus

This line of credit is tied to your primary checking account. It can be used to cover overdrafts or as a source of funds for any purchase. Simply use your debit card or write a check and the line will automatically advance in increments of $50 when your account balance is negative. Interest is @21% APR. Line of Credit up to $2,500. All loans subject to credit approval.

Consumer Loan Application