Mortgages & Home Equity

Ready to Buy a Home? Have Equity in Your Home? We have a wide variety of fixed and variable rate mortgages.

  • Fixed Rate
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  • 97% Financing Options
  • First Time Homebuyer Program
  • Down Payment Assistance Program

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Whether you are buying a new home or getting ready to build your own, your story is unique. We’ve designed our residential financing plans around you and are committed to providing you with the best mortgage possible.

Use our mortgage calculator to see how much home you might be able to afford.

Payment/Repayment Terms

Monthly payments


Residential Real Estate (Owner Occupied)

Interest Rate

Fixed Rate Options/Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Available Terms


Down Payment Requirement

5% to 20%

Loan Origination




Attorney Fees

Based on Loan Amount



Mortgage Lien Filing


Flood Determination


Documentation Fee


Title Insurance



  • We offer flexible mortgage financing to fit your needs.
  • Conventional and Secondary Financing Available.
  • You will receive individual attention with your mortgage request to match your loan with your situation.

Home Equity Loans

Now that you are a homeowner you have been building equity in your home. You can use your home’s equity to finance whatever you desire such as a kitchen remodel, purchase a car, pay college tuition, or perhaps to consolidate your debts.

See us about a home equity fixed or line of credit loan today!

Payment/Repayment Terms



First or Second Real Estate Mortgage (owner - occupied)

Maximum Loan Amount

Up to 90% of Appraised Value (includes first mortgage)

Available Maturity Terms

Up to 120 months

Late Payment

5% of payment amount

Closing Costs


Home Equity Line of Credit Interest Only Loan

Payment/Repayment Terms

Interest Only


Real Estate Mortgage on Residence

Maximum Credit Line Amount

Up to 90% of Appraised Value ( Includes first mortgage )

Term of the Home Equity Line

20 years

Interest Rate Options


Closing Costs


Late Payment

5% of the amount of the payment, but not less than $10.00

Annual Fee

$ 50.00


  • Our Home Equity Line of Credit Interest Only lets you use the equity in your home to make improvements, consolidate debt, pay college tuition, buy a new car and etc.
  • Advances on the Line of Credit are made by simply writing a Check for your purchases.
  • Carve-out option available.

Construction Loan

There's no place like home, and there's no home like one built to your specifications. Building a new home is easy at Citizens Bank of Northern Kentucky.

We can take the worry and hassle out of your home financing process. Call one of our experienced lenders today and get started on your construction loan.