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Setting up online banking alerts may help in avoiding online banking fraud.

Setting up alerts and reminders in online banking will notify you of important account information and personal reminders based on your selected preferences.

After logging into your online banking account, click to open the "Alerts" page under the Preferences section. There are four sections you can set up: account, date, history, and transaction alerts. There are additional alerts specific to the security of your login information located under the Preferences section "Security" page, Alerts tab.

Alerts can be delivered to you in the following ways:
1. Secure Message Notification - an alert will always be delivered to your secure mailbox under the Services > Messages menu. In the case that you fail to receive an email, or miss a notification phone call, you can always confirm and review your alerts in your secure mailbox.
2. Email Notification - an email notification will be sent when your alert triggers.
3. Phone Notification - you can receive a phone call from our voice banking system when your alert triggers. If you choose to receive a phone call, you should enter the desired time you want to receive the call any day the alert triggers.
4. Text Message Notification - (if applicable) - a text message will be sent to your mobile device. Note: Your mobile plan provider may charge you for text messages.

Here is a listing of the alert functions available through the online banking system.

Account Alerts:
Account-based alerts that trigger based on changes to your account details. They can be set up either on every occurrence or only the first:
• Current balance - triggered by an amount greater than or less than an amount you enter.
• Available balance - triggered by an amount greater than or less than an amount you enter.

Date Alerts
Date-based alerts that offer a convenient reminder of important dates or events. Add date alerts for an anniversary, appointment, birthday, calls, a general date to remember, a meeting, a travel date, or a vacation date.

History Alerts
History alerts are date-based alerts that can be set up based on a check number, a credit or debit transaction, or a transaction description.

Transaction alerts
Transaction alerts are date-based alerts for bill payments, changes of address, check reorder, an external transfer, a funds transfer, or a stop payment.

Security Alerts
The following events can be triggered and will be delivered when the security event occurs.
• When a computer/browser is successfully registered
• When a new user is created
• When a valid challenge code is presented
• When a valid password for your login ID is submitted
• When a valid security access code is submitted
• When an invalid challenge code is presented
• When an invalid password for your login ID is submitted
• When an invalid secure access code is submitted
• When a "forgot password" is attempted for your login ID
• When your challenge code is changed
• When your login ID has changed
• When your login ID is locked out of online banking
• When your login ID login is disabled
• When your password is changed
• When your secure delivery contact information is changed
• When your security alert preferences are changed
• When your user profile is updated
• When the "forgot password" process is attempted unsuccessfully
• When the "forgot password" process is successfully completed