Heartbleed Internet Bug
Citizens Bank is aware of the “Heartbleed” internet bug that has been widely reported in the media. Protecting your confidential information is one of our top priorities. Please rest assured that we are addressing this issue, and if any vulnerabilities are discovered, that we will let you know and they will be dealt with as quickly as possible. We can confirm that our Online Banking system has not been affected by the Heartbleed bug. Your Online Banking information is and has been secure. Your Online Banking username and password have not been compromised. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. Further updates will be posted on our website as appropriate.
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Who can I call about my account(s)?
Any of our branch locations CLICK HERE for Location & Phone Numbers

What is your Routing Number?

What are your branch hours?
CLICK HERE for Location & Hours

What are your cutoff times for Branch’s, Online Banking, TABS, and Bill Pay (Express Pay)?
Branches, Online Banking and TABS cutoff is 5pm Monday through Friday for same day posting to your account. Bill Pay (Express Pay) is 4pm Monday through Friday for same day posting to your account.

Do you charge to give me my balance over the phone?

Do you charge to do a transfer over the phone?

Can I get my account number over the phone?
No, we cannot give that information over the phone.

Can I verify a check drawn on your bank?
Yes, you may call any of our branch locations CLICK HERE for Location & Phone Numbers

Do you charge a daily fee for being over drawn?

Can you do a credit reference?
Not over the phone, we must have something in writing.

What number do I call for Online Banking or TABS questions?
859.384.5420 or 859.363.4490

What number do I call for Bill Pay (Express Pay) questions?
800.601.8395 or 859.572.2672

It’s a joint account, why can’t you reset my Online Banking; my spouse gave me the access id and password or why can’t I just use my spouses’ login information?
For privacy reasons we can only speak to the person that is enrolled for Online Banking. This insures that only the accounts that are viewed in Internet Banking are accounts that you personally have rights to see.

Why do I have to change my password? this is inconvenient.
For security reasons we require you to change your password every six months.

How does Bill Pay (Express Pay) work?

Do you charge for Bill Pay (Express Pay)?

Can you enroll me in Bill Pay (Express Pay)?
No, you must first enroll for Online Banking and then click on Personal Bill Pay under Transactions.

What happens to my Citizens Bank debit card when it’s left in the ATM?
If the card is returnable, we will contact you to let you know we have your card and that it can be picked up at your earliest convenience. Your card is documented in our captured card log and held in a secure location until you arrive. We will ask for a valid driver’s license or state issued ID and your signature to release the card.

Why won’t my card work, I have money?
There is a variety of reasons, please call your local branch for assistance. CLICK HERE for Location & Phone Numbers

How do I get a credit report?
Click Here