Flying Pig Half Marathon

On Sunday, May 1, 2016 Kent Farrell, Tiffany Farrell, and Megan Haigis (left to right) completed the Flying Pig Half Marathon. Besides hosting the marathon, their goals are to reduce our environmental footprint by diverting at least 60% of our waste from the landfill; and communicate the Flying Pig Marathon’s efforts to produce a more sustainable event that the city of Cincinnati and surrounding communities can be proud of. For their efforts, the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon has been invited to become a founding member of Sports Events Community of Practice to help lessen the carbon footprint of other sporting events. With rain storms moving out less than an hour before the race began, it was a beautiful day for a LONG stroll through Cincinnati. This was Megan’s second half marathon and Tiffany and Kent’s first. All three hope to participate again next year.